Blood Chemistry and Urinalysis – Reference Manual

Blood Chemistry Manual Cover B

This manual is also available as part of the Complete Nutritional Pathology Course.

Holistic Blood Chemistry and Urinalysis Manual

Have confidence in interpreting blood chemistry. Learn from Dr. Lundell who has been studying laboratory medicine for over 15 years. This book is a culmination of many years and thousands of hours of both clinical and academic research. This is one book you will reference on a daily basis in your practice.

Blood chemistry is one of the most misunderstood and under-utilized clinical tools. Interpreting blood chemistry correctly requires an in depth understanding of what each analyte is and the conditions that can alter the status of that analyte. This lab manual does not just give you a set of high and low differentials. It teaches you to think like a pathologist, understanding the biochemistry of each analyte, what the optimal ranges are from an evidence based, not population-based statistical average. It will also teach you how to look for other analytes that could be indicators of pathology and how to see the big picture. One should never make a diagnosis based on one analyte, but rather, if there is truly something off in the physiology, multiple analytes will validate your diagnosis. Functional considerations and what you are most likely to see in your practice are given for each analyte. Blood chemistry is essential to a nutritional/functional medicine practice as one of the best way to help your patients.

Blood chemistry, when properly utilized, can uncover hidden abnormalities and can detect illness long before clinical symptoms may manifest. This makes nutritional blood chemistry truly preventive.