Anti-Inflammatory Diet Mini Course

Anti-Inflammatory Diet Cover

This mini course is also available as part of the Complete Nutritional Pathology Course.


“What foods can I eat?” This is the fundamental question for healing. The anti-inflammatory diet lays out the principles that can help you and your patients truly heal and feel great. Dr. Lundell clearly provides the understanding of which foods decrease inflammation and promote cellular vitality. You will want to listen over and over and again. Most people that listen to it once will never eat the way they used to again. Recipes and meal plans are provided, as well as the understanding to make your own changes to suit your lifestyle, while still adhering to the anti-inflammatory principles.

Dr. Lundell’s anti-inflammatory diet has inspired several cookbooks by professional chefs and talented cooks all over the world. The anti-inflammatory diet can truly change your life.

Mini Course includes:
2 Hours of Audio
14 Supporting Text Documents