Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

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Watch this video testimonial from one of Dr. Lundell's long-time patients.

"Over the past 8 years, Dr. Lundell has supported me with his clinical expertise and compassionate care, helping me to manage auto-immune diagnoses and symptoms, digestive and gut problems, musculoskeletal challenges, mood and nervous system imbalance, and a range of other issues.

Dr. Lundell's integrated approach involves a depth of knowledge of the body, and he has implemented a variety of healing modalities to support my complex body. I am blessed to have found him years ago and do not hesitate to reach out anytime I have physical imbalances. When I am in Dr. Lundell’s care, his way of "walking the walk" in his own life easily translates to his patients, and I have been inspired time and time again to get back on the healing path each time I go astray.

He is steady, dependable, and committed to healing and to the art of functional medicine. He incorporates mindfulness and relaxation techniques as a foundational part of his teaching method to his patients, which have improved my whole body healing process. He has a direct no-nonsense approach when it comes to the need for patients to make life and health changes, yet he communicates with consciousness and experience of meeting patients where they are now.

I refer my closest friends and family to him, and I am grateful to have found him!
Maria Cooper
Author and Coach -
"Dr. Lundell has been my primary healthcare provider for 13 years. In addition to being an amazing Chiropractor, he is also a skilled Functional Medicine Practitioner who delves deeply into the cause of illness, thoughtfully connecting all the dots to bring true healing to my physical body. He has guided me through a life-threatening illness, a fall and several car accidents. We are working together to counter the aging process. He thinks outside the box. I can recommend him unreservedly!"
E. Klassen
Longmont, CO
"Doctor Lundell is a proactive healer whose grasp of how the entire human body operates has given him keen, intuitive insights."
"After running into some health issues after turning 40 years old, I wanted to take a functional medicine approach to my problems vs the American medical route. My #1 goal was to stay away from drugs and pharmaceuticals. After having my first consultation and talk with Dr. Lundell, I knew I had picked the right path. After just 1 hour of talking and explaining my problem areas and concerns with Dr. Lundell, we set out a very comprehensive plan on what we would accomplish over the next 3, 6, and 12 months.

This wasn’t a guessing game by any means. We started with some very specific testing to see exactly what my body was doing and how each system of my body was functioning. From there, we started a vitamin and supplement routine, diet and lifestyle changes, and followed up with Dr. Lundell in 1 month. Dr. Lundell does not use a cookie cutter approach, he treats his patients in an individualized manner and prescribes to each person exactly what they need. That is one of the biggest differences between Dr. Lundell and other doctors. Without his vast knowledge of nutritional testing, genetic testing, hormonal testing, etc, you would just be guessing.

After a short 3 months on the program, we started to retest some of the initial testing that we did. All of my bloodwork was improving (which I already would have guessed because I was feeling great again.)

At 40 years old, I was looking better than I had in 10 years, I was more energized, sleeping much better, and just an overall sense of well-being and health that I haven’t felt in years. The best part about working with Dr. Lundell is that he gives you hope. He is so knowledgeable on human physiology, clinical nutrition and functional medicine that his knowledge automatically gives you hope. He also conveys his message so well that almost anyone can understand and follow his advice and protocols even if you do not totally understand the human physiology and biology behind it. After just a week or two you will know it’s working due to the fact on you will be feeling.

I cannot recommend Dr. Lundell enough. He has given me hope again in a healthy aging process. The goal was to never be “not sick,” but to actually thrive for many years to come, and I am now realizing that goal to be true again.
"The Harmony Healing Center medical practice is different from any other that I’ve gone to in my 76 years. Dr. Brandon Lundell applies his extensive education in an unbelievably wide variety of healing arts and sciences to offer a holistic approach that promotes a healthy, proactive lifestyle for his patients. He has not only adjusted and massaged my husband and me out of many aches and pains but has also taught us how the body’s systems work through labs and physical findings, which has enabled us to become more invested in taking care of the whole package – body, mind and spirit – in a natural way.

I respect, appreciate and love Brandon and his two gentle, efficient, compassionate office assistants, Barb and Ellen. Our cares and concerns just drop away when we enter the little house that is home to this practice. And we always leave calmer, more energized, and more motivated to lead a life that promotes good health. (There’s always more we learn every time we are there).

If you’re looking for a unique approach to what ails you and, more importantly, ways to change your habits and be in the driver’s seat, call Harmony Healing Center and begin your own journey to a healthier, happier, more balanced life. "
Dr. Lundell's patient for six years
"I began seeing Dr. Lundell when I was frustrated with mainstream medical doctors simply treating symptoms and never helping me get to and resolve the root causes of my health challenges.  Doctors were myopically treating their respective specialties without ever considering how different symptoms were actually interrelated.  This came to bear again when the fertility specialist I had been seeing was only able to console my grief stating I had unexplained infertility. 

Working with Dr. Brandon on my overall health – overhauling my diet, supporting my body’s natural processes with prescribed supplements, and learning about my personal genetics, my health has never been better.  Not only did we naturally conceive and birth a beautiful child, and two years later again a second, I am empowered and resourced to be in my best health.

It’s now been more than 13 years since I first started seeing him and I have learned so much about how our bodies function, how my body functions, and am grateful for the integrated care."


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